Be a Recommended Equestrian

How does it work?

Being recommended by clients who have experienced the services that you have provided – is the single most influencing factor in a new clients decision to choose you above another professional of similar qualification. Traditionally, building your reputation in this manner is achieved slowly by relying on 'word of mouth' unquestionably a time tested and proven referral process. However, this can be achieved now more efficiently and expediently with a greater level of integrity by using our revolutionary 'Client Service Status' rating system - an industry first developed by Recommended Equestrians. By developing your 'Client Service Status' you will gain greater confidence and a powerful marketing tool with which to gain new business.

This unique approach to increasing your professional profile is formulated from detailed feedbacks from your clients based on a performance rating of 5 key service topics that in addition to a 'free flow' comment as to the service/s you have been provided. With access to your 'Client Service Status', complemented by further information as to your qualifications, accreditations, memberships and descriptions of the services you offer, your prospective clients will have increased confidence that as a member of 'Recommended Equestrians' they will receive the highest standards of equestrian expertise delivered with complete professionalism.

Many of our members are committed to achieving the 'Recommended Equestrians Client Service Accreditation'- based on a star award system inline with the number of feedbacks received, this accreditation is the ultimate accolade with which to complement your professional qualifications and by so doing collectively help to create and maintain new standards of professional service in equestrianism.

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