What you get?

Membership to 'Recommended Equestrians' provides a diverse range of dynamic promotional assets with which to present yourself as a 'Recommended Professional' and so build client confidence to make you the preferred choice locally to where you work.

These include the following:

  1. Eligibility to use our exclusive 'Recommended' logo on your website, e-mails and other promotional materials and stationery.
  2. Eligibility to use our exclusive 'Recommended Equestrians Feedback Widget' on your website, to showcase your Client feebacks live and in real time to visitors to your website.
  3. A Feedback promotion logo that can be proudly presented your facebook page inviting your followers to give constructive feedback as to their views on the client experience you gave them.
  4. The opportunity to achieve the 'Recommended Equestrians' accredited four stars rating for 'client service' with which to further elevate your professional profile. As you accumulate your star rating these can be added to your 'Recommended' logo. To achieve this you will be given:
  5. A feedback invitation card that can proudly presented to your clients inviting them to give constructive feedback as to their views on the client experience you gave them.
  6. A personalised 'Recommended Business Card' to further help you promote yourself as a Recommended Equestrian.
  7. A Membership Certificate that can be framed and displayed in your office/client reception area to validate you as a member of 'Recommended Equestrians'. This will also display your qualifications and accreditations and 'Recommended Equestrians Star Accreditation.
  8. A 'Recommended' badge car sticker to show your endorsement of the ethos of 'Recommended Equestrians' and by so doing elevate your professional profile..
  9. Opportunity to purchase 'Recommended' branded clothing personalised to increase visibility of your status as a 'Recommended Professional' when out and about in the equestrian community – an immediate way to distinguish you as a qualified professional as opposed to those who are not!

If you would like to know more about joining 'Recommended Equestrians' please click here.

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