Complaints Policy

We will review genuine complaints concerning either our members or non members with the objective of gaining a better understanding as to how they conduct their business by the professional manner in which they respond to and attempt to find a resolution. Please note we do not respond to submissions that do not comply with the required details for making a complaint. ( Please refer to the form below)

In our experience professionals tend to explore every possibility to resolve any concerns that their clients might have about the services they have provided. The majority of our members belong to federations and societies that provide excellent guidelines in the form of well established codes of practice on how to resolve grievances and many offer highly specialist mediation services.

In the event of a genuine complaint, the interest of Recommended Equestrians is to make sure that the member is made formally aware as to the nature of the grievance and that within a reasonable timeframe use their best endeavours to provide an accepted resolution.

To aid this process we have developed a Code of Practice that our members have agreed to adopt:

  1. To respond promptly (within max 20 working days) from the date of having received a formal notice of a complaint from a client via Recommended Equestrians.
  2. To use their best endeavours to resolve the grievance in a professional manner with the courtesy and integrity expected of a professional.
  3. Should the resolutions proposed not be acceptable to the aggrieved party, they agree to seek guidance from their professional body or other professional entity specialising in the equine sector and evidence this action to Recommended Equestrians.
  4. Should they not comply with any of the above Codes of Practice or, in the event that Recommended Equestrians receives more than three genuine complaints from three unrelated parties, their membership will not be eligible for renewal.

Recommended Equestrians reserve the sole right to determine the genuine nature of any complaint received from the clients of its members or non members...

Please complete the following form in the event that you wish to make a genuine complaint about a professional that has provided a service to you.