Message from the founder

'As a strong communicator, I have never felt inhibited to ask 'what is what' 'who is who' and 'where to go' in the equestrian world. However, I know that the majority of us find this difficult either through lack of confidence or just not knowing where to start. There is a great divide between the extensive lists of professionals and their qualifications found on many equestrian websites and a real comprehension of what each professional can do to meet ones particular needs in terms of the professional services they offer and the level of 'client service' they provide.

My aim with 'Recommended Equestrians' is to establish an industry accepted standard for 'client service', so that equestrians can have a more informed and balanced choice as to who is the most appropriate professional to meet their needs at all stages of their equestrian life'

Diana is also the innovator of THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK The Equestrians Guide to Recommended Professionals. Now in its seventh year of publication in hardcopy and on the web and representing over 600 professionals, this pocket guide has been highly successful in increasing the public's awareness of the extensive professional resource that is available to them.