A Professional Code of Practice

All members of 'Recommended Equestrians' have agreed to maintain the following Code of Practice in relation to providing a professional 'client service'.

  • To use their best endeavours to achieve excellence in client service and experience.
  • To act in a manner becoming of a professional in terms of responding to client's requirements with courtesy, integrity and reliability.
  • To take time to really understand the needs of each client so that they can deliver the most appropriate advice and service to achieve their client's personal ambition or needs.
  • To inform clients of their membership to 'Recommended Equestrians' and to introduce the benefit to the client of the 'Client Service Status' initiative as an indicator as to the level of client service they provide and to welcome feedback in respect of the same.
  • To comply with 'Recommended Equestrian's 'Complaints Policy' to resolve any genuine and legitimate grievances and to conduct themselves with courtesy, etiquette and expediency in this respect. Furthermore, in the event that Recommended Equestrians receive more than three genuine complaints they accept that they will forfeit the right to renew their annual membership.

Please note that the above Code of Practice does not substitute or undermine any Code of Practice that the professional is committed to abide by under the various terms and conditions of any other membership to equestrian or other professional organisations.

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