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Name: Avis Senior BHSAI

Address: Sutton St James Spalding South , Lincolnshire, LN7

Telephone: 07950987231

Email: avis.senior1@gmail.com

Web: www.avissenior.com




South Lincolnshire & borders of North Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Rutland




Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding  - this gentle yet powerful therapy includes principles of energy flow, acupressure, meridian balancing, kinesiology, myofascial and craniosacral elements to help eliminate muscle spasms that inhibit good posture and movement. This therapy also improves blood and lymphatic circulation. 

Yoga for horses - a short, simple daily workout to bring your horse into better balance, physically and emotionally.

Heart centred energy work –  by working from our heart centre, we are able to amplify and strengthen the power of energy to enhance our self-healing capabilities and that of those we help.

Drumming – vibrations of the drum are extremely therapeutic and research shows its healing capabilities in many areas.                     
Intuitive Animal Communication – animals can quite easily tell us where the problem is. With a quiet mind we can begin to hear them?

Please note: complementary therapies are not a substitute or intended as a replacement for veterinary care. I will never suggest a medical diagnosis. You must always contact your vet in the first instance if you suspect that your animal has a health issue/injury.  If I am invited to work with an animal that has already been seen by a vet, the animal will remain under the supervision of that vet. I will never interfere with any medications given by a vet.  I will always advise you to contact your vet if I am aware that your animal is in distress. 

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) recognises as acceptable the complementary treatment of animals by contact healing (laying on of hands).

Yoga for horses 

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Other services
Horse, Pet, & House Sitting 

Reading matter:
‘Horse Riding in the 21st Century – Discover the route to your Success’ – available on Amazon

Forewords by: 
Suzanne Rogers - Animal Welfare Consultant and Equine Behaviourist
Ros Jones -  BVSc MRCVS

Endorsement by Jenny Rolfe – renowned International Classical Dressage Trainer

The book is now also a recommended read for the online training programme Applied Equine Behaviour. 


Biog & More Information

My world revolves around horses.

I have been a teacher of horse riding for many years. In 2012, I found myself taking an unfamiliar path, a path that led me away from physical teaching into new territory where I could better serve the horse holistically.

I spent the next few years studying complimentary therapies and intuitive animal communication.  In October 2016 I embarked on April Battles’ Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding Practitioner course. I am proud to be one of only a handful of Certified Practitioners in the UK of this awesome therapy that can literally change the outward appearance of a horse, as he begins to ‘unwind a body that may have been in compensatory posture for some considerable time. Just as important are the emotional and mental improvements that are lasting.

Please visit my website www.avissenior.com for more details on my services and courses.

If you have a subject in mind that you would like to learn more about, please let me know and I will create a course just for you to help you move on from where ever you are at this moment!

Client Feedbacks & Comments

Name: Lyndsey

County: Cambs

Date : 2016-05-11

SCORE - [10]

I contacted Avis after my horse had ongoing physical problems after an operation. I am so pleased that I did, after a course of treatment, Monty is not only improving physically but his mental state seems improved too.

Name: Claire

County: Lincolnshire

Date : 2016-05-09

SCORE - [10]

Avis' love for animals is clear and I have no worries when we go away and Avis comes to look after our horses and cat because I know they will be loved and cared for as if they were her own animals. I trust her completely and recommend her highly.

Name: Jane

County: Cheshire

Date : 2016-05-09

SCORE - [10]

Avis not only connects with the horses she also connects with you. Her calm approach and easy to understand commentry whilst unwinding enables, albeit less skilled, the guardians (not owners) of these wonderful animals to listen and learn from them and at all times building your confidence at recognising what the horse is actually saying - excellent. I am hoping that Avis could actually 'do' my remaining six four legged friends a tall order but if not will try to carry on her good work at a novice stage because I know she will always be there to advise. Thank you so much

Name: Georgina

County: West Yorks

Date : 2016-05-08

SCORE - [10]

Avis is welcomed by my horses, unlike many other professionals who have been on my yard to offer treatments! Her energy is calm and gentle with no rush, any treatments Avis has done have always been at my horses own pace,in a kind gentle manner. I would recommend Avis to other horse owners without a second thought :)

Name: Helen

County: Cambridgeshire

Date : 2016-05-05

SCORE - [10]

It was a pleasure to meet Avis and learn more about the energy therapies she offers, and fascinating to see the effect it had on my horse. Talking to Avis, and seeing her work, made me appreciate how my body language and mindset was affecting my horse and how sensitive horses are to negative thoughts and feelings. Mine and Prince's relationship was improved in just one visit. I learned how to visualise what I wanted to achieve with him - even if that was just to 'see' him walking up to me in the field, happy to see me and be caught. Fascinating stuff and I'd highly recommend her if you're struggling to bond with your horse, or have a specific behavioural problem you'd like her to help you both through.

Name: Dawn

County: cornwall

Date : 2015-03-14

SCORE - [10]

We have a small holding in the middle of nowhere with horses ducks chickens cats and sheep, We also run a coach business which means occasionally we have to be away for periods of time. If it wasn't for Avis House and animal sitting this would not be possible, Because I am such a fussy non trusting person, it has to be someone very special to take care of my animals! Its hard work with the number of livestock but also the added remote area with unpredictable weather. But Avis copes with it all. I can go away with peace of mind and come back to happy animals clean and tidy house and animals that do not seen to have missed me. Its all just as we left it. This is down to trust and reliability and Avis ticks the box in both respects

Name: Rhonda

County: Leicestershire

Date : 2015-02-01

SCORE - [10]

I was so relieved to find this book,love the title! All horsey people, old and new, would benefit from reading this. We owe it to our noble horses to be more open minded and to (dare I say) let go of outdated training methods. This book helps the reader to consider things from the horses point of view and explore ways of making our interactions with them as humane as possible. I found the book not only to be full of interesting and useful content; the layout made it easy to follow and refer back to. Add to that a touch of humour and you've got a winner!

Name: Les

County: South Yorkshire

Date : 2015-01-30

SCORE - [10]

I purchased and read the Book Choose Your Weapons and found it very informative giving me insights of new ways of doing things, Highly Recommended and can't wait for a follow up book.

Name: Jo

County: Norfolk

Date : 2014-05-08

SCORE - [10]

I have read the Book Choose Your Weapons - WOW Simple language easy to apply and reproduce for any rider - this book is a MUST HAVE for all riders no matter the level or style of riding. As a fellow trainer I will recommend that all of my clients buy this book! I look forward to developing my relationship with the author - I have much to explore my only concern is there enough hours in the day!

Name: Georgina

County: West yorkshire

Date : 2014-04-23

SCORE - [10]

I recently purchased ‘Horse Riding Choose your Weapons’- the title intrigued me. The content was thought provoking, from the heart, and it resonates completely with my own methods and truths. This book is THE MOST HONEST and in-depth training manual I have ever come across. The author could not have given me better training if she had been face to face teaching. Anyone who considers they are doing their best for their horses should definitely throw all their other training books to one side and adopt ‘Horse Riding Choose your Weapons’ as their bible. It is a real revelation to the abuse that trainers, riders and owners inflict on our horses all in the name of our love of the sport and our enjoyment! Georgina Passey

Name: Kerry

County: Lincolnshire

Date : 2014-04-18

SCORE - [10]

One word!! FABULOUS, Thank you