Clare Chamberlayne BHSI Regd MSc ABNLP BE Acc. Coach Grassroots CCI CSA

Clare Chamberlayne BHSI Regd MSc ABNLP BE Acc. Coach Grassroots CCI CSA - BHS Instructors


Name: Clare Chamberlayne

Address: Watermans Farm, Hamstead Marshall, Newbury, Berkshire, RG20 0HX

Telephone: 0788 7525689






Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Hampshire




1 - Instructing / Coaching from a BHS Senior Coach             
2 - Sports Psychology - working with the athletes mental approach to assist in all aspects of performance enhancement                                                    and rider training 
3 - Riding - Competing, Reschooling (especially racehorses), basic training, breaking / backing. 


Biog & More Information

My personal philosophy is to work with the rider and the horse to assist them in achieving their mutual goals in holistic, happy and fun environment. For me the horse or pony must be at the heart of the process and the needs of the horse are always paramount. I try to encourage all my students to set goals, short, medium and long term as I feel that this fosters structure, discipline and provides a more concentrated and focussed approach. By using goals I find that the client’s personal aims can be kept central to the learning process and that the process can be an entirely mutual one. Any goal however perceptibly small is actively encouraged. I also find goals are a useful way for clients to recognise the achievements they make and to permit themselves to be pleased with what they have achieved. I try to ensure that I take time to understand my clients as an individual so that I can best recognise their individual learning styles and traits and what approaches will work best for them, to enable the whole coaching process to be as constructive as possible. 

I have been fortunate enough to grow up surrounded by horses as my parents bred highly successful point to pointers, and NH horses. I was lucky enough to enjoy a thorough grounding in the Pony Club that saw me compete successfully at the Pony Club Championships on several different horses. I finished my Pony Club career by gaining my Pony Club A Test. I remain indebted to the Pony Club for the opportunities and grounding it gave me and as such I am always keen to be involved with Pony Club members of all types, levels and abilities.
I graduated from the Pony Club and into the Pony, Junior and Young Rider programmes of both Eventing and Dressage. Through BYRDS and British Dressage I was fortunate enough to win Team and Individual Gold medals at Young Rider Home Internationals.
With Eventing I was longlisted for both Pony and Junior Teams and was a member of two Young Rider European Championship Teams winning Team Gold in 2001 at Waregem on Headley Kingdom. I have competed several horses at CCI*** level, with trips around Boekelo, Blenheim and Bramham. However my personal highlight was taking Headley Kingdom, who I had produced myself, to Badminton and Burghley. With Astronave I was placed in several World Cup Qualifiers and competed at Badminton in 2006.
With Dapper Look who was placed at CIC** level and with Old Kent Road who was placed at Intermediate I have shown what can be achieved with ex-racehorses. I am particularly passionate about working with ex-racehorses and rehoming them into successful alternative careers.

In my training I am fortunate enough to have worked with some of the best in the business including Lucinda Fredericks and Talland Centre of Equitation. Academically I have two degrees in Psychology and Sports Psychology from Royal Holloway and Brunel University respectively. From there I then worked in the NHS as a psychologist for 7 years.

As a Sports Psychologist I am trained in and will use a variety of techniques to assist you and your team. Techniques and interventions used are led by the issues that are raised and are conducted within the context of an established working relationship. All sessions are conducted with the client at the centre of the process. Interventions may range from breathing techniques to aid relaxation or assessment of time management or more specific and personalised interventions. Many people have found that working with a Sports Psychologist helps their performance, and that the skills they learn are transferable to all aspects of their lives. Often it is not about waving a magic wand but about finding a hidden key that you didn't know you had.


Client Feedbacks & Comments

Name: Jan

County: Berkshire

Date : 2016-11-30

SCORE - [9]

Clare provided just what I felt I needed from this course highlighting her ability to consider individuals needs as part of a group. She clearly has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share and I would highly recommend her.

Name: Jessica

County: Berks

Date : 2016-11-28

SCORE - [10]

Clare is thoroughly professional, thorough and inspiring. She creates the perfect balance of structure and discussion in her sports psychology club sessions which are informative and enjoyable (even after a day in the office!), providing food for thought between each session and demonstrable results from all who attended. I thoroughly enjoyed Clare's seminars, which were excellent value for money and I would definitely recommend them to anyone at any level of experience.

Name: Hannah

County: Hampshire

Date : 2016-05-17

SCORE - [10]

Clare taught at the BHS South Region members' camp this April, and was brilliant to work with. She provided a complete service, giving each rider a one-to-one sports psychology session, leading group sessions about confidence building, and then teaching the riders in small groups over showjumps and XC fences. This approach really benefitted the riders, and they all far exceeded their goals in the saddle. Clare's teaching is insightful and practical, and she adapted easily to each individual's needs, confidence levels and skills. From an organiser's perspective, her helpful, flexible and cheerful 'can do' approach is hugely appreciated.

Name: Sheila

County: Berkshire

Date : 2016-01-17

SCORE - [10]

We met Clare a few years ago at a Pony Club Centre. She introduced our children to the Pony Club organisation and all that it had to offer. With her support they were soon entering competitions, be that as part of the horse and pony care team, dressage, show jumping or hunter trials. All were entered with enthusiasm and a steep learning curve. Clare’s ‘Have a go’, attitude greatly increased their confidence. Under Clare’s tutelage they progressed from their D to their C+ proficiency test within 15 months. Our children were keen, constantly seeking to improve and progress their riding further. It rapidly became evident that we would have to purchase our own horse. Not the easiest task to find a horse suitable as a first horse for a 15 and 16 year old! However, Clare provided expert advice and opinion guiding our choice. Our daughter has found building a partnership with her new horse challenging and Clare’s experience and practical advice has been invaluable in overcoming the setbacks and developing a strong horse-rider relationship. Clare has brought her wealth of experience within the Pony Club in helping prepare our children for riding and stable management assessments. Currently our daughter is working towards her A test. We discuss with Clare our long term riding goals and with her input we decide how best these can be realised. She advises on our medium and short term objectives and helps keep us focused on what can be achieved. Our daughter is always positive about Clare’s lessons and the progress they enable. Clare has advised and supported her at events and this has helped her to develop the confidence to believe in herself. Clare is passionate about all aspects of equestrianism and gains great enjoyment from the progress of her pupils. We have benefited from Clare’s expert equestrian skill and her psychological understanding in developing both our horse and our daughter. We would thoroughly recommend her.

Name: Teleri

County: Berkshire

Date : 2015-07-02

SCORE - [10]

Clare has been consistently coaching our daughters for 18 months now and the improvement in them has been immense. When Clare started coaching them they had little if any riding experience and were only doing a few very low key competitions at 70cm level. With Clare\'s advice we have purchased ideal equestrian partners for both girls and they have gone on to participate and be successful in Pony Club Area Horse Trials and the BE100u18 programme. My eldest daughter particularly enjoyed representing the South East region at the BE100u18 championships in 2014.

Name: Katie

County: Surrey

Date : 2015-03-17

SCORE - [10]

Very pleased

Name: Riders

County: Bangkok and Bang Chan

Date : 2015-01-04

SCORE - [10]

Another super, inspiring, professional visit from Clare, was heavily booked and highly appreciated by Thailand\\\\\\\'s riders. Please come back for longer than two weeks next time. Maybe a month or two?

Name: Mrs

County: Bangkok, Thailand

Date : 2014-08-10

SCORE - [8]

Clare travelled to Thailand for two weeks in December 2013 for Thailand Pony Club Camp, PC Road Rider Testing and also Clinics with adult riders on their own horses, all based at Phoenix Riding Academy, Bang Na, Bangkok, by kind permission of Col. Sam Fuangvich-Deva. A day at Ngam Wong Wan Equestrian School Centre in Bangkok, was much appreciated by both resident Instructors, Proprietors and budding young Dressage teens. After a week of Bangkok, Clare was whisked 2 hours South West to another active area of Equestrianism in Thailand. After assessing and advising Thailand\\\\\\\'s official RDA Group Instructors, equines, equipment and program at Horse Shoe Point near Pattaya, Clare had time to also teach several Private adult and teens on their own competition horses. Clare also managed to squeeze in an exciting Cross Country Clinic at Chomview Equestrian Centre, near Rayong, encouraging new interested riders and talent. All participants thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity of an experienced Professional British Equestrianne to help them and eagerly await Clare\\\\\\\'s next visit this winter. Thank You Clare and come back soon.

Name: piers

County: berkshire

Date : 2013-09-12

SCORE - [10]

very professional service with clear idea of horse and rider's ability and objectives and how best to achieve them. Wishing that we had used Clare's expertise earlier in the season and will be having many more training sessions.

Name: Jessica

County: Oxfordshire

Date : 2013-09-02

SCORE - [10]

Clare has now been teaching me for several years. She is very good at adapting her teaching to suit your style of learning best. Through her instruction I have achieved many of my goals whether it be being placed at ODEs or qualifying for HOYS through Search for a Star. Clare has been very good at designing a competition / lesson plan that suits me and will get me to HOYS well prepared and in a positive frame of mind. I would highly recommend Clare.

Name: Fred

County: Oxfordshire

Date : 2013-08-25

SCORE - [9]

Clare Chamberlayne helps our two sons with their cross-country riding, Eventing (and much more!). Our elder son (19) has competed at Tetrathlon for many years and has begun Eventing this year. Clare has helped his riding technique, coached him through what is required at Events and greatly assisted his mental approach to competing. Under her tutelage, he has quickly moved through Pre-novice, to Novice Eventing and finished in the top 5 at this year’s Tetrathlon Championships. Our younger son (15) also takes part in Pony Club activities, again concentrating on Tetrathlon. He has had a difficult transition from ponies to horses and lost confidence in his riding, especially in cross-country. Clare has brought on his technique and, more importantly, given him practical help in gaining confidence to such an extent that he recently completed a demanding cross-country course at the Irish Tetrathlon Championships. Clare has made a huge difference to both boys’ riding, being able to pass on her great experience to two boys at very different stages of their riding careers and giving practical help in the mechanics of riding and the mental approach required. We thoroughly recommend her.