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Name: Dan Astle-Carter

Address: 30 Berkley Drive , North Yorkshire, TS14 7LU

Telephone: 07929269291

Email: dan-astle-carter@hotmail.co.uk

Web: www.hollinequest.co.uk




North East England and Yorkshire , Cyprus




Dental Equilibration (rasping teeth) aims to provide correct jaw movement and comfort in the mouth using electric equipment which is very gentle and quiet and manual rasps. It will minimise irritation and discomfort in the mouth, and through improved communication will allow the horse to perform to a higher standard and get the best nutrition from their feed.

Your horses head will be examined for discharges, swellings and any muscular abnormalities. The TMJ (the main hinge of the jaw) and Poll palpated and incisors examined for abnormalities and misalignments. The inside of the mouth will then be examined using a full mouth speculum (gag), bright headlight and dental mirror. A dental chart will be provided with any abnormalities recorded.

Routine dental examination and treatment can be performed without sedation and is recommended every 6-12 months. This includes Basic balancing of mouth, Reduction of sharp points, dental overgrowths and basic incisor alignment.

A full mouth balance also including accurate incisor alignment under veterinary sedation is recommended every 1-2 years from the age of 6 (depending on the horse). This improves molar contact and grinding efficiency, which is lost due to lack of incisor wear compared to wild horses. The molar teeth and incisor angles are also balanced to allow improved lateral movement and chewing. Incisor slants and curves can also be corrected to reduce TMJ pressure.

If your horse has moderate to severe TMJ sensitivity due to incisor misalignment a full mouth balance will be strongly recommended. 

Other services include removal of retained deciduous teeth and wolf teeth along with removing debris trapped inbetween teeth. Canine teeth will also be reduced if pinching the tongue and have any tartar removed.

Biog & More Information

Extensively experienced and trained since 2004 via Hartpury College (DEFRA Approved Course) and in association with Mark Thorne and Martin Brookes (B.A.E.D.T.) Dan is a current stall leader on the Trident UK equine dentistry school course at the Northern Racing College which takes referrals from all over the country. 

Dan is based at based at Guisborough in North Yorkshire and is available to take on new clients. Dan has enjoyed training and practical experience all over the country with highly reputable equine dental practitioners, from the Donkey Sanctuary at Sidmouth, the West Country, racing yards in Oxford, Birmingham, Yorkshire to the Scottish borders and Orkney.

He also has annual trips abroad to Ireland, Cyprus and France which include doing dentistry for local charities.
He uses Le Clair electrical equipment and a comprehensive selection of top range manual rasps on unsedated and sedated patients - around 25% may require veterinary sedation. Horses usually prefer the sensation, increased efficiency and decreased tugging action of the power grinder to the sole use of manual rasps.

In his spare time Dan is a horse owner himself with over 10 years experience of bringing on young horses and co-running an equestrian centre on the North Yorkshire Moors. Dan has been a keen show jumper for many years and is now turning his hand to the world of endurance riding with his latest mount Cloud who is a 15.1hh Irish sport horse x appaloosa.

Client Feedbacks & Comments

Name: L.

County: N. Yorks

Date : 2016-09-17

SCORE - [10]

My husband and I are thoroughly impressed by Dan. Not only is he clearly very knowledgeable and professional, he also had a good way about him with our large horses. We will certainly use him again.

Name: Sarah

County: North Yorkshire

Date : 2015-10-09

SCORE - [10]

I used Dan today for the first time. I have a 10 year old and a 25 year old horse who is retired. I can only say that his approach and treatment with both horses was excellent, he was also great with me! He was very good at explaining things he was doing as well as showing me things as he went along. The tools he uses are not nearly as scarey as I imagined and so accurate. I will definitely be having him back again and I definitely recommend him. Very happy horse owner! Thanks again Dan, superstar!

Name: caroline

County: tyne and wear

Date : 2015-05-27

SCORE - [10]

Very professional service. Quiet with the ponies whilst working,keeping a calm relaxed working environment. Found joint issues with my mare I have never been told about with previous dentist. Would highly recommend.

Name: Clare

County: Northumberland

Date : 2015-04-29

SCORE - [10]

Dan was recommended to me by a friend and I wouldn't use anyone else. I have a young and difficult horse and the patience and understanding from Dan has been fantastic. Also he is very good at explaining things and giving great advice.

Name: Amy

County: Durham

Date : 2015-02-04

SCORE - [10]

Dan is professional and patient with my TB, he takes the time to explain things, showing me where my horse is having problems and why. Will be using again.

Name: Rachel

County: Tyne And Wear

Date : 2015-01-23

SCORE - [10]

A brilliant service, explained everything in an easy way. Highly recommend.

Name: Camille

County: France

Date : 2015-01-13

SCORE - [10]

Dan has been doing our horses teeth for over five years now. We have a herd of over twenty horses, and he has completely turned around their dental health. He is the first Equine dentist we have used who has been able to explain exactly what each horse needs, as well as being able to carry it out in a sensitive, intuitive and professional manner. He has regained the confidence of some horses who were traumatized by previous experiences, and he certainly has our absolute confidence in all the decisions he makes. The difference with Dan is that he really cares about each individual horse he treats. Not only is he a brilliant mainstream horse dentist, Dan has also introduced us to a revolutionary new approach to equine dentistry, which is completely in alignment to our holistic approach to horses. This is as yet the little known practice of balancing the whole horse's mouth. It involves correcting the balance between the incisors and the molars, and is essential for the health of the Temperomandibular Joint. Without Dan helping our horses in this way they would certainly not be as healthy and functional as they are today. I would recommend him to anyone, and his prices do not reflect the quality of his work, simply because he has to undervalue himself to compete with regular dentists who don't have the same comprehension. www.happy-horse-training.com

Name: Sue

County: Northumberland

Date : 2015-01-13

SCORE - [10]

Excellent timekeeping,calm and builds a relationship with pony/horse. Worked patiently even when the pony decided she'd had enough. Both ponies now have balanced mouths that work properly and Dan explains what he is doing and why he is doing it. My poor doer has been transformed by the work done. Dan worked well with the vet too as we needed sedation for the type of work that needed to be done. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

Name: Emma

County: England

Date : 2014-12-27

SCORE - [10]

My pony was sore in her poll and face. After treatment from Dan which was professional and kind and I was happy with, she is no longer head shy and I can touch her poll, ears and cheeks. Thanks.

Name: Linda

County: East Yorkshire

Date : 2014-10-28

SCORE - [10]

both horses had a full mouth balance treatment having had normal treatment previously, both horses are spot on as a result, TC is dropping his head nicely and naturally, and did an American Halter class with back up etc, came 2nd, no head jolting and Bert is considerably better on the bit, both horses eating a lot better, not messing with food, VERY HAPPY, THANKYOU

Name: Jenny

County: Cleveland

Date : 2014-09-27

SCORE - [10]

Having used Dan for the past 3 years its been clear to me what a difference a good dentist can make. He always makes sure he has sufficient time to spend as long as it takes - never in a rush to be away and somehow manages to stay calm & patient with my grumpy mare! Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable but he is willing to teach others and explain what he's doing every step of the way. Has helped me out a lot not just with dentistry but sharing his knowledge on other aspects of horse ownership and played a part in teaming me up with my fantastic latest horse. Highly recommend to all my friends

Name: sharon

County: uk

Date : 2014-09-26

SCORE - [10]

great service and good advice given, will use again

Name: Emma

County: England

Date : 2014-09-26

SCORE - [10]

Dan is a fantastic, dedicated dentist. He is very good with the horses and obviously cares very much. He has saved my pony; who would have been put to sleep if not for his quick and efficient service. I think his prices are extremely reasonable especially given his level of expertise and experience. He has never let me down or been late for any of our appointments.

Name: Ellen

County: Uk

Date : 2014-09-26

SCORE - [10]

My old horse had not been seen by the dentist for a few years, she was quickly put at ease with considerate and sensitive handling. Dan did an excellent job and kept me informed throughout. Top quality service!