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Name: Sally Rowe

Address: Timbertopps, 56,Norah Lane, Higham, Rochester, , Kent, ME3 7EW

Telephone: 07754173010







Trainer of Horses & Riders in all Disciplines. Creates confidence and results with quiet sensible approach. Based at Eaglesfield EC

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Creates confidence and results with quiet sensible approach. Based at Eaglesfield EC

Client Feedbacks & Comments

Name: Louise

County: Kent

Date : 2016-04-05

SCORE - [10]

Sally has taught me for over 10 years, first on school horses and now on my own two mares. She has helped me bring them on from just backed to competing successfully at novice/elementary level. Sally gives me the confidence to ride through any issue I have and has taught me so much. She has a very calm approach with the horses and I would highly recommend Sally for teaching in any discipline.

Name: Sarah

County: Kent

Date : 2014-06-10

SCORE - [10]

I have been taught by Sally for more years than I care to own up to but during that time she has shown me nothing but kindness, patience and enthusiasm. She is immensely gifted as a teacher and works tirelessly to improve not only the riders technique but their partnership with the horse, whether they\'re lucky enough to own or are loaning for a lesson etc. Sally has also been instrumental in my decision to become an owner and over the period that I\'ve had my mare, she has been immensely generous in sharing her knowledge in the gentle art of schooling my girl. It\'s no coincidence that the horses are as devoted to her as her long list of students. I would have no hesitation in sending someone wishing to learn to ride to her.

Name: Pam

County: Kent

Date : 2013-08-22

SCORE - [10]

I have enjoyed and learnt from lessons with Sally for many years, first on school horses, and then, in the last ten years, on my own horse. She knows when to encourage and push forward for improvement at the right time and has a subtle way of getting you to do more than you though you could.

Name: Katherine

County: Kent

Date : 2013-08-20

SCORE - [10]

Sally is an excellent instructor who has helped me to teach my young TB mare over the past few years. Through her in depth knowledge and understanding she has enabled my horse and I to progress together and form a good, successful partnership. Sally not only gains the trust of the rider but the horses too through her consistent, kind and fun approach to teaching.

Name: Maria

County: Kent

Date : 2013-08-13

SCORE - [10]

Sally has coached my husband and I for over 20 years, initially as raw beginners with school horses and over the last 10 years with our own horses. She is patient, gives confidence and adjusts her approach to each partnership individually. We have recently purchased a young event horse for my husband to compete, and we are now putting our many years of schooling to work with a youngster. Sally really did give us both the confidence to move to the next level. I would recommend Sally to any rider, whatever your discipline.

Name: Christine

County: Kent

Date : 2013-08-12

SCORE - [10]

I have known Sally for a number of years and she has taught me on a various horses. Sally applies a calm and consistent approach to her teaching method, which gives confidence to both you and your horse. She works with you to understand your horse and get the best results from you. She is a very experienced and knowledgeable instructor. Highly recommended.

Name: Mark

County: London

Date : 2013-08-09

SCORE - [10]

Having attended Sally’s Saturday morning riding lessons for more years than I care to remember, I feel I can speak with some authority regarding the outstanding level of commitment and tireless enthusiasm Sally brings to each session. Great emphasis is placed on gradually building confidence in horses and riders alike, so both are eventually able to realize their full potential - everyone comes away from Sally’s lesson feeling they have made worthwhile progress. After an initial warm-up period comprising simple exercises aimed at relaxing both horses and riders, more serious work then follows. Elements of dressage are addressed in some lessons, whilst jumping skills are practiced in others. Not much gets by Sally unnoticed, so any undesirable tendency is quickly spotted and advice given to make the necessary correction without causing any stress. In addition to her regular group classes, Sally also gives private lessons catering for horses and riders of all ages and abilities. Although much of what Sally does is of necessity repetitive, the lessons are never boring, quite the reverse in fact, and I have never really understood how she manages to achieve this. Perhaps by being ‘au fait’ with the latest techniques, as well as the more traditional schooling methods, she is able to put a different slant on the same thing in order to maintain interest and make otherwise routine exercises into a bit of a challenge. I have tried many riding establishments in England and also quite a number in various regions of Spain, and although some offer very high quality instruction indeed, none, in my opinion, have been able to match the consistent quality of Sally’s lessons.

Name: Rebecca

County: Kent

Date : 2013-07-31

SCORE - [10]

No challenge is too great for Sally. Two years ago I bought a 16 y/o mare, whereby a lot of bad habits from her earlier years from show jumping and western had to be rectified. Sally's expertise, perseverance and dedication, not only transformed my horse to being calm and collected, but also capable of competing at prelim level in a relatively short space of time. Sally hugely boosted my confidence and through her diverse teaching methods gave me the skills and patience to overcome any hurdle.

Name: Flair

County: England

Date : 2013-07-25

SCORE - [10]

I have had Sally Rowe as a trainer for the last two years and would highly recommend her for her knowledge and commitment. She has a solution to any problems encountered. Sally is always professional in her outlook to any situation. Highly recommended.

Name: Sherida

County: Kent

Date : 2013-07-18

SCORE - [10]

A first class instructor. Sally possesses the rare quality of empathy with the pupil and this is coupled with her incredible ability to read the horse in a very short time. Whatever the problem Sally Rowe will have a solution.