Whether striving for competition success or enjoying riding for leisure, using professionals offers a shorter more cost effective, reliable and safer journey to fulfilling your equestrian ambitions.

Easy to say, however, how do you know what particular professional expertise you require and of equal importance, the level of client service you can expect. Whilst, the industry is well served by the many federations, societies and associations that provide the qualifications, accreditations and contact details of their members, it is difficult without more comprehensive information to make a considered opinion as to which professional is best suited to assist you. 'Recommended Equestrians' helps make your decision easier by providing a greater insight as to the particular services offered by professionals, their approach to providing them and uniquely, through their 'Client Service Status', testimonies as to the quality level of client service that you can expect them to provide.

Simply, 'Recommended Equestrians' helps you make an informed choice as to the right professional to meet your needs by providing a detailed appraisal of each of its members professional credentials and memberships, description of the services offered, testimonials and an 'industry first' – a 'Client Service Status'

Proud to express the level of client service that they provide, many of our members are committed to achieving the 'Recommended Equestrians Client Service Accreditation'- based on a four star award system this accreditation is the ultimate accolade with which to complement their professional qualifications and by so doing collectively help to create and maintain new standards of professional service in equestrianism.

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